Curious About Stackable Moissanite Rings? (5 Gorgeous Ideas To Consider)

Curious About Stackable Moissanite Rings? (5 Gorgeous Ideas To Consider)

One of the biggest trends in engagement & wedding rings lately has been the explosion of interest in stackable rings. And what’s not love?? Stacking rings allows you to have some fun designing a combo that matches your unique personality while allowing you the opportunity to change things down the road if you choose to. But what is ring stacking, and how should you get started with designing the perfect stackable moissanite ring?

In this brief guide, we will break down everything you need to know about stackable rings, including some tips & inspiration to get you started.

What Is Ring Stacking?

Ring stacking is a trend where you wear or “stack” 2 (or more) rings together in a group worn simultaneously. Both wedding and engagement rings can be stacked, and stacking allows you the freedom and flexibility to make a bold & stunning combination that speaks to your style and mood.

It also allows you to try out different styles and combinations over time if you are initially unsure of what style you want to go with. 

Depending on the mood or occasion, you can choose to alternate or add to the rings in your stack. Think about it this way, when you opt for stackable rings, you open up the opportunity for your ring to grow and evolve over time just as your love will.

Can Any Ring Be Stacked?

The simple answer? Yes! Any rings can be combined and stacked as long as the end result is something you are comfortable and happy with. That’s kind of the beauty of stacking rings, after all… there really are no rules!

While the size and shape of the rings you have in mind may influence how many (or what kind of) rings you can reasonably stack, the options are virtually limitless. Chances are, if you can dream it up, then you can wear it and show it off!

5 Stackable Moissanite Ring Ideas You Will Love

If you are looking for a few ideas on how to go about creating the perfect stackable moissanite ring combo, below are a few ideas you can use as a jumping-off point. From modern engagement ring combos to pairings with a more vintage & timeless vibe, we believe these styles contain a little something for everyone. 

While you are certainly free to stack away at your own discretion, the following types of combinations are tried and true pairings that are worn and beloved around the world!

1) Mixed Metals

Mixed Metals

One of the most striking and popular choices for stacked wedding & engagement rings is to opt for mixed metal stacks. Not only do mixed metals add a pop of contrast to your stack. Mixed metals offer a bold and carefree take on the stacked ring, showing that you are not afraid to be yourself!

2) Chunky Style

Chunky stacked rings

Pairing a more chunky ring option (such as an eternity band) with other types of rings will not only maximize the sparkle in your ring, it offers a fashionable and exciting look for those who really want their stack to stand out!

3) Small & Delicate

Small & Delicate stacked moissanite ring

If you want to achieve a more subtle and delicate look with your moissanite ring stack, opting for more streamlined bands is the way to go. This allows you the opportunity to maximize the number of rings in your stack if you choose to and ensures the focus remains on your stones. 

4) Colored Stones

Moissanite Stackable Rings - Colored Stones

Similar to pairing various metals, stacking rings with different moissanite stone colors will bring a sense of excitement and individuality to your pairing. Colored stones paired together tend to enhance each other's colors, leaving you with a vivid and eye-catching stack that you can love forever. 

5) Add On To An Heirloom

Moissanite Stackable Rings - Heirloom

If you already have an engagement or wedding ring that holds a special place in your heart, such as a family heirloom, we encourage you to consider adding more rings to create a stack. Not only is this a great way to honor your past & family, it is an opportunity for you to truly make an heirloom your own by adding your own touch to create a modern classic piece

How Many Rings Should I Stack?

The number of rings you can stack really depends on a range of factors, from the size, shape, and width of the rings, to your finger size, to simple personal taste. Commonly 2-3 rings will be stacked per finger, but if the rings are relatively narrow in width, you could certainly get away with more!

Ultimately, it’s best to remember that there are no wrong answers as long as you are happy with the resulting combo. While the styles above provide inspiration based on a few popular types of combos that we’ve seen, stacking moissanite rings is a fantastic opportunity to let your creativity and uniqueness shine!

Creating The Perfect Moissanite Stack Begins With You!

One final tip we can share when it comes to creating the perfect stacked ring combo is always to trust your gut and avoid overthinking it. If possible, it is extremely helpful if you can try on different rings before deciding to see what truly stands out to you.  All in all, stacking moissanite wedding rings and bands is a bold and dazzling way to show off your love and make a statement that people will notice.

If you have questions about stackable moissanite rings or want to schedule a demo or request a custom quote, simply schedule a consultation online today. You can also click on the chat dialogue box at the bottom right-hand of the screen and reach out… we'll take care of you from there!

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