What Is Colored Moissanite & Where Does It Come From?

What Is Colored Moissanite?

Like the stars in the night sky, moissanite stones are famous for their unique and fiery refractive properties, which sparkle like no other. This is why moissanite has continued to explode in popularity among modern, environmentally & socially conscious brides who are after something truly unique. But when it comes to designing the perfect engagement ring, you may wonder if moissanite has the versatility to create something that perfectly matches your personality. 

In this brief guide, we will look at everything you need to know about colored moissanite, where it comes from, and how you can find the perfect stone that shines as bright as you do!

Does Moissanite Come In Colors?

Absolutely, lab-grown and naturally occurring moissanite can exist in various colors and shades. 

While naturally occurring moissanite with color will usually be fainter and more subtle, lab-grown moissanite can be found in a range of elegant colors that appeal to both modern and classic tastes. And when it comes to finding a colored moissanite stone that genuinely speaks to your style, you aren’t just limited by the color of the stone.

Understanding Moissanite Shades (The Color Scale) 

When you choose a colored moissanite stone, you also enjoy the option of choosing which shade of color works best for you. Moissanite stones with color are graded on a scale that determines how many colors they contain (more on this below), ranging from “colorless” to “containing faint hues of color.“

What is colored moissanite?

What Colors Does Moissanite Come In?

Colored moissanite stones are available in a limited range of colors, depending on their source. As the technology and methods used for growing moissanite stones in a lab have continued to improve over time, so has our ability to create brilliantly colored stones that accentuate their natural fiery sparkle.  

These colors include shades of:

  • Yellow
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Blue 

What Color Is Moissanite Naturally?

Naturally occurring moissanite is usually colorless (or close to it), though it can be found containing slight tints of a subtle brown or yellow color. 

Though it is more common to find moissanite that’s been synthetically produced in a lab, moissanite is a naturally occurring stone created by exposure to extreme thermal and chemical conditions deep within the earth. Similar to diamonds, the exact conditions the stone is exposed to can have a unique and lasting effect on the overall appearance and color of the stone.

While the colorless natural moissanite stones are considered more valuable, as with diamonds, it is more common to find natural stones that contain both inclusions and a slight color grade.

What Gives Colored Moissanite Stones Their Color?

Moissanite with color acquires its unique shade as it is exposed to the extreme conditions that allow the stone to grow. The stone is exposed to superheated, pressurized gasses that begin to condense and form sealed chambers that make up the stone.

As this process is happening, trace elements of other gasses can be injected into or become trapped within these chambers. These gasses begin to interact with the carbon within the stone, creating a unique tint that gives the stone its color.

Scientists have continued to work on refining this process and searching for new ways to expand the range of colors that is possible for moissanite stones. 

Colored Moissanite

How Is Colored Moissanite Graded?

The moissanite scale for grading diamonds is similar to the GIA diamond color grading scale, focusing on the stone’s clarity and color. The scale for colored moissanite ranges from D-Z and can be broken down into the following ranges.

  • D-F: Colorless
  • G-I: Near-Colorless
  • J-K: Faint hues of color

On the color grading scale for moissanite, stones graded ‘D’ are the most colorless. This is because stones graded below ‘D’ get less clear the further down you go.

Closing Thoughts: What Is The Best Color For Moissanite?

When you want to add a touch of personality and originality to your engagement ring, colored moissanite stones are a gorgeous choice that make your piece stand out. Of course when it comes to creating your dream moissanite ring, the stone's color is only one of the choices to be made!

Choosing the best color for a moissanite ring comes down to personal preference and deciding on a setting you love. 

If you would like to learn more about colored moissanite options, click on the chat dialogue box at the bottom right-hand of the screen or schedule a consultation today. We are standing by and ready to help with everything you need to create your dream moissanite engagement ring!

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  • Veronica : November 29, 2023

    I have a 5 carat blue moissanite stone that is colored by coating. I also had an identical canary colored stone, but when I took it to a jeweler to have it mounted, and he read it through the cleaning process, it removed the coding. He did not know that this would happen. This was about 10 years ago I would like to get another blue stone or possibly a canary stone, that is not given its color by coating . I want to color to be permanent. Where can I buy colored Moisannite I want one with permanent color

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