Top 5 Stone Shapes for Modern Engagement Rings

Top 5 Stone Shapes for Modern Engagement Rings

When it comes to picking out the perfect engagement ring for that special someone, it really is all about the cut. Though styles and tastes change and evolve over time, the right stone shape can shine with your love for years to come. 

Though it can seem intimidating at first, we believe that finding the perfect stone shape is just a matter of knowing what to look for. To help you get started, we’ve put together this guide of our top 5 stone shapes for modern engagement rings- read on!

Deciding Between Gemstone Cuts: Where To Start

Each gemstone cut has its own set of qualities that give it its own unique and distinctive sparkle. When deciding on which is right for you, there’s no better place to start than by taking a look at the jewelry you already own and regularly wear. 

Do you traditionally wear more modern and sleek jewelry, or do you lean towards a more vintage appeal? Would you prefer to have a stone that elongates and/ or accentuates your fingers, or do you simply love the idea of having as big a rock as possible to show off? 

These are some of the first questions you should ask yourself when choosing a gemstone cut that suits your taste and personality. Round cut diamonds are the most popular, favored for their refractive properties that result in a fiery and brilliant sparkle. Cushion cuts are beloved for their more vintage vibe, whereas radiant cuts are favored by those who prefer extra facets for the most amount of shine. 

When it comes down to it, deciding on a gemstone cut is a deeply personal decision that comes down to knowing what kind of look you are ultimately hoping to achieve.

The good news?

There are absolutely no wrong answers here! That means that your best chance at deciding on a stone shape that you will love forever is to be aware of your options and (if you can) try some on to see what feels natural.  

Top 5 Stone Shapes for Modern Engagement Rings

To help you understand how different gemstone shapes can achieve different styles, we created this list to break down our top 5 favorite stone shapes for modern engagement rings (and why we love ‘em)!


Round Cut Moissanite Rings

Round-cut moissanite stones are perfect for those seeking a timeless, classic, and fiery, brilliant cut. A round-cut moissanite stone is cut to exact angles and measurements so that it has the most amount of refractive surface area possible, resulting in a truly unforgettable sparkle.

This is the perfect cut for those looking for a stone shape that represents the timeless image that comes to mind for many of us when we think of engagement rings. Round-cut stones are an excellent choice for personalization as well, as they will look great in a whole range of settings- from solitaries to 3 stone settings!


Oval Cut Moissanite Rings

The oval-cut is a slightly different take on the classic round-cut stone, featuring an elongated rounded shape. That means that an oval cut can have just as much brilliance and sparkle as a round-cut does. 

This is the perfect gemstone shape for those looking for a stone that creates a finger lengthening effect. The oval cut has seen a surge in popularity in recent years, with many opting for the cut's perfect balance between retro and modern.


Cushion Cut Moissanite Rings

Cushion-cut stone shapes have been around since the 18th century, and with good reason. Sought after for its pillow-like appearance, this gemstone shape features bowed-out sides with gentle, rounded corners. 

The cushion-cut is the perfect choice for a larger stone as its larger facets than other cuts do, enabling more light to split throughout the stone and shimmer. Cushion cut rings are the perfect choice for a moissanite engagement ring, as the facets on the underside of the ring create an elegant “crushed ice” effect as the light passes through.

Depending on the setting, a cushion-cut could work for either a retro or more modern styling! 


Our customers love pear-cut settings for their graceful and elegant elongated shape, and it’s not hard to see why. Its pear-shaped (or teardrop) body lets it take in light and create a luminous “glowing” effect. 

If size is a factor, pear-cuts are an excellent choice in stone shapes since most of the stone is viewed from the top, thereby making it appear bigger than it actually is. 

The shape is associated with a more traditional style engagement ring, however, it can be paired up with warmer color metals (such as rose gold or yellow) to create a more modern combo. 


Radiant Cut Moissanite Rings

Radiant-cut engagement rings are named for their most desirable quality- their radiant sparkle! This gemstone cut is most notable for its deep, angled facets that catch every bit of light that they can. 

This is a great choice for settings that feature multiple stones, as its unique cut allows it to look just right in any setting. Radiant cuts are about as versatile as they come and will add a timeless elegance to your ring no matter how you use it. 

Need Help Deciding On A Cut That’s Right For You? 

One final piece of advice we like to share with our customers who are deciding between engagement ring cuts is to trust their gut and not overthink things too much. Though the cut is one of the most noticeable elements of your ring, it is certainly not the only one. 

Rather than focusing solely on the cut of the ring, you will need to figure out what kind of bands and settings are the most comfortable and natural for you. From there, you should start to get a pretty good idea of what works together and what you love. 

If you have questions about which cut is right for you, moissanite (in general), financing options, are requesting a custom quote, or anything in between, we are here for you!  

Simply click on the chat dialogue box at the bottom right hand of the screen and reach out… we'll take care of you from there!


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