Is Moissanite Lab Created? (Everything You Need To Know)

Is Moissanite Lab Created? (Everything You Need To Know)

Moissanite is a gemstone known for its dazzling brilliance and durability, and it continues to grow in popularity each year. As one of the most sought-after gemstones for engagement rings and custom jewelry, many often wonder: is moissanite lab created? 

In this guide, we’ll explore the reasons why moissanite offers such a unique blend of beauty and sustainability. We’ll briefly delve into its cosmic origins and examine why lab-created moissanite is a popular choice today. Let’s jump in!

What Is Moissanite?

Discovered in the stars and brought to earth, moissanite is a gemstone that charms with its celestial sparkle. First uncovered by Henri Moissan in a meteorite crater, moissanite is a gemstone primarily composed of silicon carbide. 

Due to its relative scarcity in nature, most modern moissanite is crafted in laboratories. Over the years, scientists have been able to increasingly perfect the art of “growing” moissanite. Today, lab-created moissanite skillfully replicates natural moissanite's physical and optical properties. 

Is Moissanite Lab Created? (Everything You Need To Know)

What Makes Moissanite Unique?

Moissanite's allure begins with its famously radiant sparkle. This results from its exceptional refractive index, which is higher than a diamond's. This quality imparts a captivating play of colors, making each gem appear to dance with light. 

Moissanite is also available in a range of gorgeous colors that are not available with other comparable gemstones. This means it is a highly customizable and personal choice for engagement rings and personal jewelry. 

Beyond mere beauty, moissanite is a highly durable and hardy gemstone. It closely rivals diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale with a rating of 9.25 on a scale of 10. In other words, moissanite is exceptionally resilient and will maintain its beauty for generations. 

Furthermore, moissanite's affordability is a significant draw, offering luxury without the exorbitant cost of traditional gemstones, such as diamonds.

Is Moissanite Natural Or Lab Created?

While naturally existing, the moissanite in today's jewelry is mainly lab-created. But why is this the case, and why is moissanite lab-created for the most part? Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why.  

Is All Moissanite Lab Created?

Most moissanite in jewelry today is made in labs, not mined from the earth. This shift to lab creation happened because natural moissanite is extremely rare. 

Over the years, scientists have refined techniques to 'grow' moissanite, resulting in stones that often surpass the quality of natural ones. This lab creation process allows precise control over the stone's properties, resulting in consistently high-quality gems. 

These lab-grown moissanite stones aren't just replicas; they often exceed natural moissanite in clarity and color. Ultimately, this makes them a preferable choice for quality and customization in jewelry. 

The ability to tailor-make these stones in labs also means a broader variety of shapes and sizes are possible. This offers far more options for bespoke jewelry designs suited to your specific taste.

The Benefits of Lab-Created Moissanite

Lab-created moissanite offers several benefits, making it a highly desirable choice in modern jewelry. Though we have briefly touched on some of these points above, let’s take a closer, more detailed look at why lab-created moissanite is such a great choice to consider. 

#1) High Quality Stones At An Affordable Price

Lab-created moissanite's affordability is one of its most appealing features. This cost-effectiveness is due to several factors. 

Firstly, the production costs are significantly lower than diamond mining. Creating moissanite in labs involves replicating natural conditions, which is a more cost-effective process than mining. This affordability extends to consumers, allowing the purchase of larger, more impressive moissanite stones within a modest budget. 

Additionally, the steady supply from labs ensures moissanite remains plentiful and accessible, avoiding the scarcity that drives up diamond prices. Efficient production means less material wastage during the cutting process, contributing further to its lower cost. 

Unlike diamonds, the absence of mining-related expenses in moissanite production, such as labor and environmental restoration, also reduces its final retail price. 

These factors combine to make moissanite a luxurious yet affordable choice for various jewelry styles.

At TOVAA, we redefine the luxury jewelry experience by offering exceptional moissanite stones that not only rival their natural counterparts in brilliance and beauty but are also remarkably affordable.

Take our colorless moissanite, for example, which we offer for $350 per carat, while others charge in excess of $700+ for the same.

We take pride in making the dream of owning stunning, high-quality moissanite pieces a reality without the hefty markup commonly seen elsewhere.

But what truly sets us apart is not just our competitive pricing. It's the personal touch that comes with every piece of jewelry we offer. As the sole owner and operator of TOVAA, I take pride in ensuring a custom boutique experience- whether we're working with you in person or online.

Whether you're engaging with us in person or online, you're not just purchasing a piece of jewelry but becoming part of a community that values quality, customer service, and transparent pricing.

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#2) It’s Ethically & Socially Conscious

Lab-created moissanite is renowned for its ethical and sustainable production. In contrast to diamond mining, with its heavy environmental and ethical implications, moissanite is produced in environmentally friendly lab settings. 

This process lessens ecological impacts significantly. It avoids the social and ethical conflicts often associated with diamond mining, like labor issues and funding conflicts. 

Ultimately, lab-grown moissanite offers a sustainable alternative, aligning with a modern focus on environmental conservation. Additionally, its traceable origins ensure ethical sourcing, a stark contrast to the often opaque diamond supply chains. 

Choosing moissanite supports sustainable, socially responsible practices in jewelry, resonating with contemporary ethical values.

#3) Lab Moissanite Is Highly Customizable

The versatility and customizability of lab-created moissanite stem from its unique creation process. In labs, moissanite can be produced with precise control over its properties. This precise control allows for a range of customization options. 

Jewelers can cut moissanite into diverse shapes, from traditional rounds to unique, modern designs. This flexibility caters to a wide array of personal styles and preferences. 

This customizability also extends beyond the stone’s shape. 

Moissanite's color can be varied, offering shades from pure colorless to vibrant tints. This range of colors enables the creation of truly bespoke jewelry pieces. 

The lab creation process also ensures consistent quality across different stones, making matching stones in multi-gem designs easier. This consistency is vital for creating complex, harmonious pieces. 

Lab-grown moissanite's adaptability makes it ideal for personalized, creative jewelry designs. Its varied shapes and colors provide endless possibilities for those seeking unique, tailored jewelry.

So, what sets TOVAA apart? It's our unparalleled commitment to customization.

We're not just talking about customization; we're redefining it. At TOVAA, we understand that the true beauty of moissanite is fully realized when it perfectly aligns with your personal vision.

That's why we offer unmatched customization for your dream ring.

Unlike some of the larger brands that limit you to standard sizes, TOVAA invites you to explore the true potential of customization. Our approach allows for adjustments down to the nearest quarter millimeter, ensuring that what you imagine is exactly what you'll wear.

This dedication to precision means that your jewelry doesn't just fit; it feels like a part of you, crafted to celebrate your unique story.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing The Beauty of Lab-Grown Moissanite

This exploration into whether moissanite is lab-created highlights its unique position in the jewelry world. Lab-created moissanite ensures affordability and aligns with ethical choices in jewelry making. 

Moissanite stands out as a gemstone offering elegance and sustainability, a testament to the harmony of beauty and responsible creation. 

If you want to learn more about what makes moissanite so unique, see our financing options, or request a custom quote (or anything in between), we are here for you! 

Get started by scheduling a consultation today, or simply click on the chat dialogue box at the bottom right-hand of the screen to start a conversation with us. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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